Doggy Daycare set in the heart of the beautiful Surrey Hills

Our daycare provides a fantastic opportunity for your dog to have a fun filled, enriching day, exploring with their furry friends!

Our day begins in Wimbledon, picking up our daycare clients from their homes in our fully fitted, air conditioned daycare van!

We have a very small group of daycare dogs to collect in our catchment area, so before they know it, we’re off on our short journey to the beautiful Surrey Hills to start our day.

We arrive at our private, secure field with everyone excited to see their friends and get on with having some fun!

Let the fun commence!


Enrichment is so important for the structure of our daycare day, so a great way to start our session is to get those noses working!

Sniffing and exploring is a perfect start to our day, and encourages lovely polite and settled greetings!

Of course everyone is excited to be out and about with their friends.

We set up treat hunts throughout the field, have them searching and exploring the woods, logs and trees. Who doesn’t love a ‘find it’ game!


We’re then off exploring! There’s plenty of interesting smells in the field to get reacquainted with.

The daycare gang get to play with their friends, explore and take the time to enjoy each others company. There’s always the odd zoomies and of course the playful pooches to get the party started!

Being based in the heart of the Surrey Hills means we are spoilt for choice with fantastic walking locations!

We often head off to explore the Surrey Hills and are so lucky to be able to do great walks straight from our daycare field.


Rest and downtime are an important part of our day. Whether that’s creating restful spots and low arousal activities at the field or taking a break during the day at our home.

A short distance away from our private field is our Surrey home, where during those hot summer months we will be taking advantage of the air conditioning!

Doggy pool parties are a regular occurrence and lots of shady resting spots in our private garden. Plenty of pupsicles from the freezer are a must as well!