Planning on getting a puppy or have already welcomed your new puppy into your home? You can benefit from our puppy care service!

Puppies can be hard work! Toilet training, socialisation, basic training, establishing a routine, crate training and lead training can be incredibly demanding. We can help!

Our puppy care service includes two half-hour sessions throughout the day, leaving owners confident in the knowledge that they’ll be looked after in a secure and caring environment with plenty of opportunities to socialise, explore and learn.

We offer a unique service to puppies which captures their specific walking, socialisation and learning needs.

We take the care of puppies very seriously and can ensure your puppy has the appropriate amount of exercise for their breed and age, receive their lunchtime meal and are well rested during the day.

During our sessions with your puppy, we will use only positive training methods to encourage them in their learning, encourage correct behaviours and teach boundaries.