Our Typical Day

  • Morning

    Your puppy will be picked up and travel in comfort to their first puppy walk of the day. This is an opportunity for them to explore, play and burn off some of that excess energy! During your puppies walk, they will have the opportunity to explore different environments and surfaces, such as grasslands, woodlands and parks. This is a great opportunity for the puppies to play together and have time to explore their environment.

    Your puppy will have the opportunity to do plenty of socialising. Not only are they able to play with the other puppies, but they have the opportunity to meet a variety of different dogs during the walk. This a perfect way for your puppy to develop their socialising skills and put them on the path to becoming friendly, confident, well rounded and social adult dogs.

  • Lunch Time

    After your puppy has enjoyed their first walk of the day, it’s lunch and nap time! It’s so important for health, development and learning that puppies have the time to sleep during the day. Puppies often need to learn when it is the right time to relax and sleep. This can be a great opportunity if you want your puppy introduced to crate training.

    Creating a safe space for your puppy is so important. A gentle introduction to a crate will ensure your puppy has enough rest during the day and that they understand that being in the crate is time to settle and rest.

    If crate training isn’t a priority for you, we will return your puppy to their designated area in your home, ensure they have their lunch and have been taken into the garden for a toilet break. This can be a good opportunity to help train your puppy to spend short periods of time along and can help prevent separation anxiety.

  • Afternoon

    Your puppy will be well rested after their lunchtime nap and will be ready go on their second puppy walk of the day. This is a perfect time for play and practicing some basic commands.

    At first your puppy can be walked on a long line, attached to their harness, in order to give them freedom to roam on their walks. We’ll be encouraging your puppy with recall, and with your permission, will be working towards allowing your puppy off lead on their walks.

    Your puppy will be returned home after their afternoon session. Your puppy will have spent the day with us socialising and exploring, so they’re likely to be tired when we return them home. Your puppy can have a rest before you return home from work and are ready for a little evening play session before bed!