Our group walks provide a fantastic opportunity for your dog to get the physical and mental exercise they need, but most importantly, they get to have fun with their furry friends!

Full hour group walk

All walks are for a full hour, travel time is in addition.

Enriching locations for walks

All walks take place in varied, interesting and safe locations. We love to take your dogs to locations they can experience different sights, smells and environments, and often walk in locations such as Wimbledon Common, Oxshott Heath and Esher common.

Pick up and drop off from your home

Pick ups and drop offs are included in the cost and do not affect the length of our walks. We’ll give those muddy paws a good towelling off before returning them home!

We’re social!

We love keeping in touch during the day, and can provide photos and videos of your dog enjoying their walks. If you’d rather catch up on social media, no problem at all! We update our instagram and facebook page daily.

Off the lead

We love our group walks to be off lead, and can support your recall training whilst on our walks. We often use long lines to set dogs up for recall success.

Well matched groups

Your dog will be walked with friendly and sociable dogs and will soon become firm friends with their little pack!

Travel safe

Travel in comfort in our air conditioned vehicle, fitted with spacious and crash tested Trans K9 safety crates. All dogs have their own travelling space with a fresh, comfy bed.